Sal & Pimenta, a Portuguese clothing brand for kids, decided to shoot their winter 2021 campaign photos in a chroma studio, mostly because it was really hard and dangerous to travel during a world pandemic. That's why they challenged me to develop a 3D scenario that would later be mixed with the studio photos. These photos were published in their lookbook, website, and social media channels.
3D Scenario
The main goal for this scenario was to replicate the Lapland environment, since it's winter and also Christmas time. This process started by gathering some references.
Lapland References
Regarding the software, I used Cinema 4D and Octane for rendering the scenes. All the vegetation was created with a plugin called Forester.
Cinema 4D Viewport
Clay Renders
Final Renders
Compositing and Post-Production
Since the goal was to produce over 100 images, the image-editing phase of this project was the longest. For the compositing and post-production, I used Adobe Photoshop in order to easily remove the backgrounds, do the color correction and overall effects.
Before & After
Compositing Process
Final Images (some of them)
Client: Sal & Pimenta
Year: 2021
Agency: BASLR
Creative Direction: Francisco Projecto

Photography: Marisa Martins
3D Modelling, Texturing & Rendering: Filipe Cordeiro
Compositing & Post-Production: Filipe Cordeiro
All rights reserved to SAL & PIMENTA.
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