Fábrica do Natal (Christmas Factory) is an initiative inside Worten Winners that was built to challenge Worten's stores to compete against each other, to see which one is best in sales (%), with a solidarity component. The best store would gain the honor to give their gift to charity. The animation inside the platform would give feedback to their users, based on their sales percentage.  My role was to create the visual identity, illustrate and animate the scenario, create the characters and assets and make every motion design piece as well.
Animated Scenario
The animated scenario changes depending on the store sales percentage.
The ranges were: 0%-25%, 25%-50%, 50%-75%, 75%-100% and +100%.
The elements that changed were speed, color saturation, exposure, visual effects and scenario elements.
At the beginning of the initiative, every user had to personalize their own Christmas elf.
Each user's choice is 1 vote for their store's elf.
The store's elf is generated from every user's vote.​​​​​​​
Platform Walkthrough
Scenario creation process
Client: Worten
Year: 2018
Concept: Worten Product Team
Art Direction: Filipe Cordeiro
UI/UX: João Pinto Paulo
Illustration, Animation, Effects & Compositing: Filipe Cordeiro
Motion Design: Filipe Cordeiro
Sound Design: Paulo Almeida
Gamification Design: Worten Product Team
Web Development: Worten Tech Team
All rights reserved to WORTEN.
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